Cancun Boat Rental and Other Cool Mexican Aquatic Adventures

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit, full of activities to do, places to eat and bars to drink at. One area where it truly shines is its waters! Mexico is flooded with crystal clear waters, sparkling from the sun as far as the eye can see. I'd have to say that the best waters in Mexico are those which surround Cabo San Lucas. The warm waters know no bounds, and the waves rollover with ease. I'm a fan of boogie boarding, and Cabo is the hotspot for that. You can go for hours without getting tired of all the fun in the water. If you're still interested in learning more about Lake Chametl and Cabo, read below on some of the points which I found particularly interesting. Talking about the biodiversity which exists in Lake Chametl, there are over a thousand different species of fish, as well as an abundant amount of bird life. This area of Mexico has an aged ecosystem and it has been able to maintain its species for a long time, which is why it's known for flora and fauna conservation.

If you enjoy scuba diving, swimming with whale sharks, or finding white sandy beaches and surf spots then Mexico is certainly the place for you. So many things to do in Mexico, on the land and in the water! Diving in Cozumel, QuintanaRoo - Diving in Cozumel is one of the best places in Mexico to go diving with the exception of the Belize Barrier Reef, because of its length and diversity. Found at the eastern tip of QuintanaRoo, Cozumel is a small but diverse island and is a popular destination for scuba divers. Along with the diving and snorkeling, you can also visit fresh water and coral reefs as well. The Top destination in Mexico - Many people become thinking of Mexico by thinking of the beach and so many of the islands that surround QuintanaRoo, especially the little Belizean islands.

If the waters where you are staying in Mexico are anything like Cancun they are full of sea life and as a result it is also full of fish. Sometimes if you find a spot with a little more surfing you will be lucky enough to find a ray or butterfly fish who jump out of the water to find food. Other sea life you can spot from on a boat include the eagle ray, seahorse and more. A Cancun guide could also give you details of fish that are more often seen near Cancun and around the strip as well as other sea life that might be more readily available near the coast. Beach Activities Despite Cancun’s sunny and tropical climate the beach there isn’t great for swimming, as the water is shallow and there is a lot of thorns. Below we look at some of the water sports you can enjoy when renting a boat in Mexico.

Surfing in Mexico

Stargazing in Mexico Spend the night on a boat and enjoy Mexico’s famous night sky. Take a night sail during the twilight, look in all directions and see the night sky up close. Mexico has the third largest night sky in the world, which is certainly a sight to remember. If you want to take your night sky experience to the next level, a camping trip on the beach is a must. Stargazing on a beach! Check out these awesome nature tours in the country. Surf in Puerto Escondido If a cruise along beautiful beaches is your ideal idea of a beach vacation, then Puerto Escondido is the place for you. Here there are no tides and you can enjoy the sun and the waves together. Surfing along the balmy coasts of Mexico is captivating. Discover these beautiful beaches in Mexico Traveling down through the coastal state of Oaxaca, you will reach Puerto Escondido in the Zapotec region.

White Water Rafting in Mexico

Mexico whitewater rafting is sure to provide you with some great experiences. Canoeing in Mexico Staying on land and taking a canoe through the mountains and mountains of Mexico and is sure to provide you with some great experiences. However, it is important to see that you have done a little research on the location you plan to visit. Not all areas have given out any information, so make sure to ask some locals and make sure to know the safety precautions. If you are to take a canoe in Mexico, it is also important to remember to get the necessary safety equipment. There are certain cases in which it is suggested that you carry ropes and a life vest. These items are essential for safety. When weighting your canoe down, it is always important to keep this in mind. Try to put the heaviest belongings in the very back. This will ensure that the canoe will not capsize. If you have already purchased your hiking boots and buckle in rain pants, you will have to bring them along.

The beaches of Mexico

If you are on a mission to relax, enjoy a great cocktail (or two) and read some of your favourite books, then the beaches of Mexico will be ideal. Year in, year out tourists flock to Mexico in order to enjoy the myriad of beautiful beaches available. With your own private Cancun boat rental, you can explore all the beaches, journeying to a different one each day. Whilst exploring you’ll discover some untouched beaches that are difficult to get to by foot, allowing you the ultimate relaxation spot. If you are on a mission to relax, enjoy a great cocktail (or two) and read some of your favourite books, then the beaches of Mexico will be ideal. Day trips to Mayan ruins On the outskirts of Cancun lies the Maya site of Tulum. The ruins are on a private drive, so as a private boat charter hirer you can make the most of your journey to Tulum. If you’re an archaeologist, the ruins are incredibly fascinating with excavation sites and ancient Mayan temples. When you charter a boat to Tulum you can visit a number of sites around the coast of Cancun, including a bay that looks like the beach from the Dr Seuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck. The 30 nautical miles that you travel around the coast of Cancun to Tulum is a great way to see the area.



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