Embark on the Ultimate Luxury Experience: Discover the Opulence of the 62’ Viking Flybridge Yacht


A private yacht charter in Cancun can offer a luxurious and personalized experience, providing numerous benefits for those looking to explore the beauty of the region. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Privacy and Exclusivity:
    • A private yacht charter allows you to enjoy the stunning waters of Cancun without the crowds. It's an exclusive experience where you have the entire yacht to yourself or your group, ensuring privacy and intimacy.
  2. Customized Itinerary:
    • With a private yacht charter, you have the flexibility to create a customized itinerary based on your preferences. Whether you want to explore the coral reefs, visit secluded beaches, or enjoy water activities, the trip can be tailored to suit your desires.
  3. Personalized Service:
    • The crew on a private yacht is dedicated to providing personalized service. From a private chef preparing your favorite meals to a knowledgeable captain guiding you through the best spots, you receive individualized attention.
  4. Luxurious Accommodations:
    • Yachts often come equipped with luxurious amenities and spacious cabins, providing a high level of comfort. It's like having a floating resort with breathtaking views right outside your window.
  5. Exclusive Access to Snorkeling and Diving Sites:
    • Cancun is renowned for its vibrant underwater world. With a private yacht charter, you can gain access to exclusive snorkeling and diving sites, away from the larger tour groups, enhancing your underwater experience.
  6. Culinary Delights:
    • Many private yacht charters include the services of a private chef who can prepare gourmet meals tailored to your preferences. This culinary experience adds an extra layer of luxury to your journey.
  7. Scenic Views and Sunsets:
    • Enjoying the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the coastline of Cancun from the deck of your private yacht is a unique and unforgettable experience. Sunset cruises are particularly popular for their romantic ambiance.
  8. Water Toys and Activities:
    • Private yacht charters often come equipped with water toys such as paddleboards, jet skis, and snorkeling gear. This allows you to engage in various water activities right from the convenience of your yacht.
  9. Escape the Crowds:
    • Popular tourist destinations in Cancun can get crowded, especially during peak seasons. A private yacht charter allows you to escape the crowds and explore more secluded and pristine areas of the region.
  10. Memorable Celebrations:
    • Private yacht charters provide an ideal setting for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even marriage proposals. The intimate and scenic surroundings create a memorable backdrop for celebrations.

Before booking a private yacht charter, it's essential to consider your preferences, budget, and the reputation of the charter company to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience in Cancun's beautiful waters.


Cancun offers a variety of yachts for charter, catering to different preferences, group sizes, and budgets. Here are some common types of yachts available for charter in Cancun:

  1. Motor Yachts:
    • Motor yachts are known for their speed and luxury. They are equipped with powerful engines and offer a smooth ride. These yachts often feature spacious decks, comfortable cabins, and amenities like lounges, dining areas, and water toys.
  2. Sailing Yachts:
    • Sailing yachts provide a more traditional and serene experience. They rely on wind power and offer a quieter and eco-friendly option. Sailing yachts are ideal for those who enjoy a slower-paced journey and the experience of sailing.
  3. Catamarans:
    • Catamarans are multi-hulled vessels known for their stability and spacious interiors. They provide a smooth sailing experience and often have large deck spaces, making them suitable for group charters. Catamarans are popular for day trips, sunset cruises, and longer excursions.
  4. Luxury Yachts:
    • Luxury yachts are designed for those seeking the highest level of comfort and indulgence. These yachts come with premium amenities, high-end furnishings, and often include services such as private chefs, spa facilities, and personalized concierge services.
  5. Sport Fishing Yachts:
    • Cancun is a popular destination for sport fishing, and there are yachts specifically designed for fishing charters. These yachts come equipped with fishing gear, experienced crews, and often have spacious decks for anglers to enjoy their fishing experience.
  6. Party Yachts:
    • For those looking to celebrate special occasions or enjoy a lively atmosphere on the water, party yachts are available. These yachts often feature music systems, dance floors, and spacious decks for socializing and entertainment.
  7. Classic Yachts:
    • Classic yachts offer a touch of nostalgia and elegance. These yachts may have a vintage or timeless design, providing a unique and charming experience. They can be a great choice for those who appreciate classic aesthetics.
  8. Explorer Yachts:
    • Explorer yachts are designed for adventurous charters, allowing guests to explore more remote or less-visited destinations. These yachts often come equipped with expedition capabilities, making them suitable for those who want to go off the beaten path.
  9. Day Charters and Overnight Charters:
    • Yachts in Cancun are available for both day charters and overnight charters. Day charters are ideal for exploring the coastline, engaging in water activities, and enjoying the sun, while overnight charters allow guests to experience the magic of the region both during the day and at night.

When choosing a yacht for charter in Cancun, it's important to consider the size of your group, the type of experience you're seeking, and any specific activities or amenities you desire. Charter companies in Cancun typically offer a range of options to suit different preferences.


Cancun is a popular tourist destination in Mexico, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural attractions. Here are some must-visit destinations and attractions in and around Cancun:

  1. Isla Mujeres:
    • Take a ferry to Isla Mujeres, a charming island located just off the coast of Cancun. Explore beautiful beaches, visit the turtle farm, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this island paradise.
  2. Playa Delfines:
    • Known for its white sand and turquoise waters, Playa Delfines is one of the most iconic beaches in Cancun. It offers stunning views and is a great spot for sunbathing and water activities.
  3. Chichen Itzá:
    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chichen Itzá is a famous archaeological site showcasing ancient Mayan ruins. The impressive pyramid, El Castillo, is a highlight, and the site provides insight into Mayan history and culture.
  4. Xcaret Park:
    • This eco-archaeological park offers a combination of cultural and natural attractions. Explore archaeological sites, enjoy water activities in underground rivers, and experience cultural performances and exhibits.
  5. Xel-Há Park:
    • Known for its natural aquarium, Xel-Há Park is a water theme park where you can snorkel, swim with dolphins, and explore cenotes. It's a great place for water enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  6. Tulum:
    • About two hours south of Cancun, Tulum is known for its well-preserved ancient ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The combination of archaeological sites and beautiful beaches makes Tulum a unique destination.
  7. Cenotes:
    • The Yucatan Peninsula is famous for its cenotes, natural sinkholes formed by collapsed cave systems. Cenotes offer a refreshing swimming experience, and some popular ones near Cancun include Dos Ojos and Ik Kil.
  8. Coco Bongo:
    • For those seeking vibrant nightlife, Coco Bongo is a world-famous nightclub in the heart of the Hotel Zone. It offers an energetic atmosphere, live shows, and a memorable party experience.
  9. Mercado 28:
    • This traditional Mexican market in downtown Cancun is an excellent place to shop for souvenirs, handcrafted items, and local goods. Bargaining is common, and you'll find a variety of products to choose from.
  10. La Isla Shopping Village:
    • La Isla is a shopping and entertainment complex located in the Hotel Zone. It features a canal system, luxury boutiques, restaurants, and a variety of entertainment options.
  11. El Rey Archaeological Zone:
    • Explore the ruins of El Rey, an ancient Mayan site located in the Hotel Zone. The site includes plazas, temples, and structures that offer a glimpse into the region's history.
  12. Puerto Morelos:
    • A charming coastal town located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos offers a laid-back atmosphere, a colorful coral reef for snorkeling, and a relaxed beach setting.

These are just a few of the many attractions in and around Cancun. Whether you're interested in history, nature, water activities, or nightlife, Cancun has something to offer for every type of traveler.


Private yacht charters in Cancun typically offer a range of activities and amenities to enhance the overall experience for guests. The specific offerings may vary depending on the charter company and the type of yacht you choose, but here are common activities and amenities you can expect:


  1. Snorkeling:
    • Many private yacht charters in Cancun include snorkeling equipment, allowing guests to explore the vibrant underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. The region is known for its clear waters and diverse marine life.
  2. Diving:
    • Some yachts cater to scuba diving enthusiasts and may provide diving equipment and guidance. Explore underwater caves, coral reefs, and marine ecosystems with experienced instructors.
  3. Water Toys:
    • Yachts often come equipped with water toys such as jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and inflatable towables. These toys add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your charter experience.
  4. Fishing:
    • Fishing charters are popular in Cancun, and many private yachts offer fishing equipment and the expertise of experienced crews. Enjoy deep-sea fishing for a chance to catch various species.
  5. Beach Visits:
    • Yacht charters may include visits to secluded beaches or picturesque coves. Guests can enjoy sunbathing, beachcombing, and relaxing in a private and tranquil setting.
  6. Island Exploration:
    • Explore nearby islands such as Isla Mujeres or Contoy, each with its own unique charm. Discover local culture, enjoy local cuisine, and take in breathtaking views.
  7. Catered Meals:
    • Private chefs are often available on luxury yacht charters to prepare gourmet meals tailored to your preferences. Enjoy fine dining experiences on the water, whether it's a casual lunch or an elegant dinner.


  1. Spacious Decks:
    • Yachts are designed with spacious decks to provide guests with ample room to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the panoramic views. Some yachts may have multiple decks for different purposes.
  2. Luxurious Cabins:
    • Luxury yachts often feature well-appointed cabins with comfortable bedding, en-suite bathrooms, and modern amenities. Cabins provide a private and comfortable space for guests.
  3. Entertainment Systems:
    • Yachts may be equipped with entertainment systems, including flat-screen TVs, audio systems, and multimedia libraries. Enjoy music, movies, or satellite TV during your journey.
  4. Sunbathing Areas:
    • Yachts typically have designated sunbathing areas with comfortable loungers. Guests can soak up the sun while enjoying the sea breeze and stunning views.
  5. Jacuzzis or Hot Tubs:
    • Some luxury yachts come with onboard jacuzzis or hot tubs, providing a relaxing way to unwind while surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.
  6. Wi-Fi and Connectivity:
    • For those who need to stay connected, some yachts offer Wi-Fi and communication facilities, allowing guests to share their experiences or handle business matters while on board.
  7. Crew Services:
    • Yacht charters usually come with a professional crew, including a captain, crew members, and possibly a chef. The crew is dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of guests throughout the journey.
  8. Customized Itineraries:
    • Charter companies often work with guests to create customized itineraries based on their preferences. This flexibility allows you to tailor the charter experience to suit your interests and desires.

When booking a private yacht charter in Cancun, it's recommended to discuss your specific preferences, activities you'd like to include, and any special requirements with the charter company to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience.


The 62' Viking with Flybridge Luxury Yacht offers a combination of elegance, performance, and comfort, providing an exceptional cruising experience for those seeking the finest in maritime luxury. Here are some features and amenities you can expect on board:
  1. Spacious Accommodations: The yacht boasts luxurious staterooms with ample space for relaxation and rest. From plush bedding to elegant furnishings, every detail is designed with comfort in mind.
  2. Flybridge: The flybridge provides a commanding view of the surrounding seascape, making it the perfect spot for enjoying the ocean breeze and panoramic views. It offers additional seating, a wet bar, and ample space for socializing and entertaining.
  3. Gourmet Galley: The yacht features a fully equipped galley with high-end appliances and ample counter space, allowing the onboard chef to prepare gourmet meals with ease. Guests can indulge in delicious cuisine served in the formal dining area or al fresco on the deck.
  4. State-of-the-Art Entertainment: Enjoy the latest in entertainment technology with flat-screen TVs, surround sound systems, and a vast library of movies and music. Whether you're relaxing in the salon or lounging on the deck, there's entertainment for every occasion.
  5. Water Toys and Recreation: Take advantage of the yacht's collection of water toys and recreational equipment, including jet skis, paddleboards, snorkeling gear, and more. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, there's something for everyone to enjoy on the water.
  6. Professional Crew: A dedicated crew of experienced professionals ensures that guests' needs are met with exceptional service and hospitality. From the captain navigating the vessel to the stewards attending to guests' requests, the crew is committed to providing a seamless and memorable experience.
  7. Customizable Itineraries: Whether you're seeking a day of leisurely cruising or an adventurous journey to remote destinations, the yacht offers customizable itineraries tailored to your preferences. Explore scenic coastlines, vibrant port cities, and hidden gems along the way.

In summary, the 62' Viking with Flybridge Luxury Yacht provides the ultimate in maritime luxury, offering a perfect blend of comfort, performance, and elegance. Whether you're embarking on a romantic getaway, celebrating a special occasion, or simply seeking an unforgettable adventure at sea, this yacht promises an experience beyond compare.


From modern stylings to deluxe amenities, this vessel offers the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication for any event or occasion. Here's what you can expect on board:

Guest Capacity: Accommodating up to 20 guests, the Azimut Luxury Yacht ensures ample space for socializing, entertaining, and relaxation.

Overnight Guest Capacity: For those looking to extend their stay, the yacht comfortably accommodates up to 6 overnight guests in luxurious surroundings.

Flybridge With Deluxe Outdoor Space: Enjoy breathtaking views and fresh sea air from the flybridge, featuring deluxe outdoor space for lounging, dining, and socializing.

Air Conditioned Salon: Retreat from the elements and unwind in the air-conditioned salon, offering a comfortable oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

Premium Sound System: Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes with the yacht's premium sound system, perfect for setting the mood and enhancing the onboard experience.

On Board Chef Service: Indulge in gourmet cuisine prepared by an onboard chef, who caters to your culinary preferences and ensures a dining experience to remember.

Premium Beverages & Top Shelf Liquors: Quench your thirst with a selection of premium beverages and top-shelf liquors, served by the onboard staff for your enjoyment.

Jetski/Waverunner: For thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts, a jetski or waverunner is available for exhilarating adventures on the water.

Snorkeling Gear: Explore the underwater wonders with complimentary snorkeling gear, allowing you to discover vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs.

Oversized Sundeck: Bask in the sun and take in the panoramic views from the oversized sundeck, the perfect spot for soaking up the rays and enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

Round trip ground transportation: Every charter includes round-trip ground transportation, ensuring seamless travel to and from the yacht for added convenience.



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