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Exumas island in the Bahamas is world’s one of the most popular destinations to explore on a yacht charter. With sparkling sandy shores, turquoise waters, luscious landscapes, exceptional snorkeling, and panoramic deep-sea diving, the place has so much to offer. But to accentuate your experience, you need to book an Exumas boat charter for both short and long tours.


On a crewed Exumas yacht charter, you can explore distinct mesmerizing places in this region. The best part of exploring Exumas island is that it offers something to every sort of traveler. Whether you are a nature lover, thrill-seeker, wildlife explorer, or on a search for tranquility, a Bahamas yacht charter is suitable to boost your all desires.


Here are the 6 best things to do when on an Exumas boat charter in the Bahamas.


  1. Swim with Nurse Sharks


Get on the thrilling Exumas boat charter and head to Compass CayFrom to enjoy your time swimming with Nurse sharks. This way, you will feel closer to the marine life of this region. You may even feel amused knowing how friendly and docile nurse sharks are. These are squealing and happy creatures that are the residents of Cay Land and Sea Park. While they appear menacing due to their sharky dorsal fin, these sea creatures are harmless. So, snorkeling or swimming with them is a wonderful activity to try. If you are still sacred, your Captain will ensure that these nurse sharks are well fed before you take a dip. The professional crew also takes care that you feel comfortable before jumping into the water. Besides the personal and close-up interaction with the gentle nurse sharks, you can even visit the beach on this stunning island for relaxation.


  1. Enjoy Fishing on Exumas Boat Charter


You can even explore fishing on Exumas boat charter along with expert crew and fishermen in the region. After all, the Bahamas is one of the most rewarding deep-fishing destinations in the world. So, you must not miss out on fishing when vacationing here. Along with your professional crew, you can head to the best spots in the region for catching mahi-mahi, tuna, marlin, barracuda, and wahoo straight from the side of the tailor-equipped tender. When it comes to fishing in Exumas, trust your Captain - as he knows the best fishing areas in the region. The professionals also know when there are the right conditions to cast off for deep drops while searching for red snappers and bigger groups. After getting a good catch, you can give it to the chef on your boat for a mouthwatering dinner.


  1. Get Frolic with Wild Yet Friendly Pigs


You can also experience how Big Majors Cay pigs swim around the boat seeking a meal. These pigs here are wild but friendly. You will surely hear snorting, grunting pigs even before they come near you. As soon as you come close to them, the pigs will eagerly some around your boat looking for some food. You can offer them some of your leftovers and they will happily enjoy each piece you offer them. The Bahamian swimming pigs are so far some of the most cutest and revered creatures. Hence, they highlight the whole region. So, whether you enjoy swimming with them or simply watching their antics, you cannot miss out on spending time with them.


  1. Scuba Diving via Exumas Boat Charter


When on Exumas boat charter, enjoy scuba diving with amazing underwater visibility in this region. Hence, it is not surprising to find out that it’s one of the best diving destinations in the world. What makes this place such a stunning diving hub is its magnificent diving sites. From the fish-enriched reefs at Barracuda Shoal and Amberjack to gorgeous tidal Blue Holes, the waters of this archipelago are a spectacular highlight in the Bahamas. Besides that, the coral-brimming sunken Jeep is also home to mind-blowing colored marine life. Contact us to book Scuba Charters in Cancun.


  1. Swim across Fluorescent Thunderball Grotto


Have you wanted many James Bond movies? If so, you must be familiar with how stunning Thunderball Grotto is. That’s why it’s rightfully called the crown jewel of Staniel Cay. This underwater cavern is not just a stunning site but the concentration of wonderful sea life and corals make it a popular snorkeling spot. When the sun's rays fall on the water, the site looks even more stunning. The sight of this location will surely leave you spellbound.


Since the tides here can get fierce, you need to attempt to enter a cave at low tide. When you get in, you will experience something completely magical. The quiet, calm, and awe-inspiring sites, make the Thunderball Grotto experience magical.


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