Mahahual: A place where Fishing Adventure and Tranquility unite

All the avid explorers and adventure enthusiasts who are looking forward to a vacation full of relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and stress of daily office work. There is one place that can meet all of your expectation and it is Mahahual – a perfect place to witness the amalgamation of adventurous sports such as fishing and tranquil nature. The name Mahahual has been derived from the name of a tree that is native to the area. There are great diving and snorkeling sites here, and there's just enough nightlife and clubs along the beachfront malecón (waterfront promenade) to keep you entertained.


Kick-start the day surfing the lagoon which is born from the breakwater formed by the reef. Plunge into its turquoise waters, dive and discover unimaginable beauty while fishing in this Riviera Maya's destination aboard a private yacht charter. Indeed, it is a small town but always full of vibrant life. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach or witness a wide variety of marine animals while scuba diving through the coral reefs. All those who are a fan of aquatic adventure, take a plunge into the waters and visit Banco Chinchorro, the second largest coral island in the world.

Mahahual is the most preferred destination on the cards of travelers who want to have the best experience of fishing in Riviera Maya, be it the entire time they are here or maybe only a couple of days.

SPEARFISHING – What is the sport of Spearfishing? If you have never experienced it and you love the water, swimming, snorkeling and fishing in Riviera Maya, this sport is for you. Spearfishing is for anyone who loves to snorkel and hunt. Put those together and you get Spearfishing. The sport is legal when you don't use tanks to hunt. This type of fishing requires quite a bit of swimming so you should be a good swimmer or snorkeler.
Spearfishing is popular amongst those enthusiasts who want to just watch the action or relax as well. If you are swimming from shore or going by boat rest assured you are going to have a blast!

Fish species that can be found while spearfishing include pike, perch and zander. Trout, grayling and salmon are the most sought-after species at river sites and they are also found in many standing waters. Whitefish, burbot and various cyprinids can be found throughout this region as well.


Once you have tried your hand at spearfishing and in the elegant island of Mahahual and if you still have time or can extend your tour, there are two more locations near Mahahual where you can have the pleasant experience of fishing in the Riviera Maya - Chetumal Bay and in Lagoons. Tarpon and snook are the two fish species that are found in lagoons which are connected via "cenotes" or underground rivers that meet the Caribbean Sea. Tarpons are available here in different sizes and are found in Mangrove lined lakes that tend to be quiet even on windy days making for excellent fly fishing.

CENOTE LAGOONS – These lakes are unlike anywhere else you will fish in the world. All the lakes hold Tarpon and Snook who smell the fresh water leaving the caves on the ocean side and swim through the caves, under the beach and up into the lakes. Here, Tarpon is famous for fighting as they spend much of their time in the air during the catch. On an average, most anglers spend at least two days sailing and fishing in Riviera Maya, thus chasing tarpon and snook.

CHETUMAL BAY FLY FISHING – Chetumal Bay is home to plenty of bonefish. Typical Bonefish weighs around between 2-3 pounds, with some fish 3-5 pounds and just a handful in the 6-8 pounds category. Catching 10-20 bonefish in one day is not uncommon. Try your hand at fly fishing under the guidance of an expert aboard a private luxury charter. There are also deeper areas in the Mangroves which boast a good Tarpon population. The Tarpon found in this area are mainly adults - much larger than "Baby Tarpon" and of course, provides a greater challenge to catch your trophy fish.

Now, in detail, you have one more destination famous for fishing in Riviera Maya – a small but awesome place to have memorable vacations. Do not skip Mahahual on your plans during your next visit to Riviera Maya!



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