This was my first experience going to Cancun, and I had no idea what to expect.After taking to the internet and doing my research, I came to the conclusion that chartering a yacht might be the best way to experience Cancun.  So I consulted with my friends who were all for it and then called a handful of prospective companies in hopes of getting several quotes.  Alex from your staff was the only person to actually call me back.  I liked all of the info he provided, but I wanted to be sure so I emailed and called quite a few more services in hopes of acquiring a couple more quotes.  Well, I did receive one call back from a gentleman who spoke broken English.  It was most difficult to comprehend what he was quoting me.  Still, I considered it a second quote, and decided to go over the two email responses that I received.Well, let’s just say that both emails fell short of my hopes.  Now, after going out with Yachts Cancun, I am very happy to say that the lack of response from the other yacht services was the best thing that could happen to my friends and I.  Two thumbs up guys!


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