Type of Yachts

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Compare BoatsType of YachtGuest MaxScuba DivingFishingSailingSnorkelingWater ToysWaverunnerState RoomsBathroomsSun Deck
100' Azimut Luxury Yacht306XX256X
82' Sunseeker Luxury Power Yacht12Available Upon RequestAvailable Upon RequestXAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request33X
74' Luxury Custom Power Catamaran5010XXXAvailable Upon Request55
74' Sunseeker Manhattan Luxury Yacht24Available Upon RequestAvailable Upon RequestXAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request33X
74' Sunseeker Predator Luxury Power Yacht12Available Upon RequestAvailable Upon RequestXXX44X
60' Custom Luxury Catamaran354Available Upon RequestXXAvailable Upon Request45X
51' Uniesse Power Luxury Yacht12Available Upon RequestXXXAvailable Upon Request22X
50' Azimut Luxury Yacht With Flybridge15Available Upon RequestAvailable Upon RequestXXAvailable Upon Request23X
47' Sunseeker Power Luxury Yacht10Available Upon RequestAvailable Upon RequestXAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request22X
47' Luxury Catamaran28Available Upon RequestXXXXAvailable Upon Request43X
42' Hatteras Fishing Vessel8X1X
21' Open Bow Bayliner8Available Upon RequestXXAvailable Upon Request1X



Think of "Yachts Cancun Luxury Charters" as a mobile 5-Star Hotel experience, only, you and your friends are the only guest.  Catered and Chef prepared foods and drinks fit for a king in a one of a kind scenic location is what we specialize in.  Let our Yacht Captain charter the trip that you choose whether it be to secluded beaches and great swimming or to popular areas rich in energy and excitement.  Our crew knows the spots and has the experience, and they want only for you and your friends, family and guests to be in pure delight.

All yachts come stocked with Fins and mask if you and your friends decide they would like to make snorkeling a part of your trip, and jet skis are available upon request.  Beverages like soda, water, and alcohol are all a part of your yacht charter experience just like the on board prepared food from your chef.  Oh, and each charter comes with our customer minded bi-lingual valet who can change the itinerary as quickly as you change your mind.  It’s as simple as that.

Items for you to consider are how many people you would like to bring, if there are any special request, how long you would like the charter to last, a specific yacht that fits your needs, and what kind of budget limitations, if any, might exist that would limit the fulfillment of all of your request.  The next thing to do would be to call or email so that we may respond immediately to your needs.

If you have an interest in scuba diving or fishing, simply click on the links provided here.


Whether sailing or luxury yachting for the day or for a month, the Caribbean is an idyllic choice for those yearning for a chance to let go and unwind in the pinnacle of destinations.  With over 7,000 distinct tropical destinations to choose from, the only limitation that seems to present itself is time.  Aside from time, the obvious things to consider are which landscapes, cultures and cuisines are a match for you. Below are just a few of the many interesting areas you have to choose from when sailing out of Cancun,and we can present more once we have an understanding of your time-line and interest. Destinations