Vacation Bucket List: Fun Filled Unusual Tours in Playa Del Carmen

Planning a vacation to Cancun can be Fun Filled. Do not miss out on a Playa Del Carmen fishing escapade.

Playa Del Carmen is known for the clearest and verdant waters, which are a bliss to try sports, leisure, and recreational activities. One such is Fishing. Fishing in Playa Del Carmen is a major draw for those who enjoy casting their lines in. Smaller and less touristy than Cancun, it’s becoming a popular travel destination for people looking for travel experiences that are more substantial than your typical all-inclusive resort.

Fishing Playa Del Carmen

If you are interested in planning a fishing excursion during your vacation then book in advance fishing charters in Playa Del Carmen to have a memorable fishing trip that will yield photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

WHAT FISH YOU CAN CATCH – The waters surrounding the Riviera Maya are home to a variety of aquatic life. Edible fish options include the coveted billfish, sailfish and marlin, as well as dorado, barracuda, wahoo, and tuna. One can also look for a rich collection of reef-dwelling fish like snapper, jack, grouper and sea bass.

WHY PLAYA DEL CARMEN FOR FISHING – Playa has been blessed with ripe angling conditions in two major ways:

Firstly, just east of Playa’s shores is the beautiful island of Cozumel. The channel formed between the coast and the island creates a superhighway for big game fishing.

Secondly, the entire area is located on the very edge of a large underwater valley, thus making offshore fishing possible for anglers and making their dream trophy catch come true.


The area of Playa Del Carmen is the hotspot for sailfish, hence big game trolling is the most admired type of fishing in Playa. You can expect to see sailfish, blue and white marlin, dolphin fish, kingfish, wahoo, and barracuda.

BOTTOM FISHING – Whilst on the bottom fishing escapade, you can come across groupers and a variety of Snappers namely, mutton gray, yellowtail, and cubera. If you’re a beginner angler and tend to get bored with bottom fishing rather fast, bring up trolling to your captain. He will surely put the active in activity. Still, with bottom fishingh, you can catch grouper, snapper, triggerfish and other types of reef fish. Nonetheless, this produces fairly consistent and delicious result.

JIGGING – Vertical fishing is commonly known as "jigging". It is practiced in specific locations such as deep zone, drop-offs and submerged points. If you look hard enough, you can find jigging opportunities in Playa, and note that this is not a traditional fishing technique. Most fish caught by jigs are on or near the bottom. While jigging in the middle of Playa Del Carmen, you can catch amberjack, Tuna, and Kingfish. The attacks are powerful, fights are intense, the fish caught by jigging are often larger, and could very possibly be your next fishing record.

FLY FISHING – There are some excellent fly fishing spots all around Playa Del Carmen. In the crystal clear saltwater, you can catch a wide variety of fish species, like tarpon, permit, bonefish, barracuda, and jack. Depending on the weather and your preferences, there are different fly fishing spots. The Boca Palia flats are known for their bonefish and permit populations. Unlike other fishing destinations in the Caribbean, fly fishing is possible year round in Playa del Carmen. If you think you would like to give fishing a try, do it under the guidance of local experts to get the best results.

LIGHT TACKLE & BEACH FISHING – Light tackle fishing is best experienced in shallow waters. Tarpon, Snook, and all other indigenous species can be found year-round in your fishing escapade. For beach fishing, make your way to a couple of remote beaches and witness an eclectic variety of water species that entice even the most seasoned angler. For those who do not love to fish, they can join along for a day of sailing, sunning and sipping great beverages on the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Fishing in Playa Del Carmen may not be something for everyone, but for those who enjoy the sport or have an interest in, the challenge, the adventure, and the adrenaline. Perhaps there’s nothing better than heading out on a fun-filled and memorable Playa Del Carmen fishing escapade.



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