Why Choose Private Cancun Catamaran Charter Tour

To make your Cancun vacation extraordinary, you need to book a private catamaran charter. While most  private catamaran tours in the area sail between Isla Mujeres and the Cancun sea, you have the flexibility to arrange an itinerary on a private tour to visit various destinations, experience different water activities, and spend an amazing charter with your closest friends and family.

Exquisite Experience Only For You

While shared tours are great to experience, they run at a specific duration and your itinerary is set for the group. With a  private tour on a catamaran charter Cancun, you are able to plan an exquisite experience just for you and your family/friends. You have the flexibility to customize it the way you like. Plus, you have the option to choose any ideal catamaran boat depending on the amenities you desire.

Sail the Way You Desire

Given below are some amazing benefits of renting a private Cancun catamaran charter:

  • Choose between various amenities onboard
  • Flexibility to visit docks and beach clubs in Isla Mujeres
  • Snorkeling at various sites
  • Enjoy event(s) on board
  • Pet-friendly Catamarans

First, you need to select the desired itinerary as per your preferences. For instance, if you feel like snorkeling at two different locations, send your request to our travel agents and we will plan the day for you. If you have plans for later in the day, you can sail for a half day charter for a reduced cost. There are many benefits to being able to plan your own itinerary.

Many people mistake the private catamaran charter Cancun has to offer to be highly expensive, so they opt for a shared tour. But you can still book a private catamaran at a reasonable price depending on the passenger count and amenities you desire. No matter if you have a small or larger group, there will be many great  options to meet your needs.

Pro Tip: If you are planning a Private Cancun Catamaran Charter tour with your friends, you can split the bill. This way, the tour will be very affordable for everyone involved. Moreover, you all can enjoy an extremely personalized and wonderful sea experience without any disturbance.

One of the many benefits of hiring a private catamaran charter is that you can sail for as long as you want. A private catamaran in Cancun provides you with the much-needed privacy and comfort that isn't available in commercial boat tours. Plus, there are expert crew members to take good care of while offering you personalized services.

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Enjoy a Plethora of Amenities on the Cancun Catamaran Charter

On a private Cancun catamaran charter, you enjoy a lot of amenities like delicious food and beverages on board. From Mexican to Italian and other Continental cuisine, you have endless food options to choose from the menu. However, you need to inform the crew about your food choices beforehand. It gives the crew chef an opportunity to be prepared with the right ingredients to serve you onboard.

If you want to stop by and experience sand touching your feet, you can have a great time at Isla Mujeres’ beach club. Here are some suggestions from our end:

  • Zama Beach Club
  • IXI Beach at Playa Norte
  • Punta Blanca Beach Club

You can visit any of these beach venues and enjoy desired craft cocktails while experiencing the breeze at the beach while relaxing. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can try some of the water activities available at the beach. Or simply take a walk on the beach letting the sea waves touch your feet and soothe your senses.

Celebrate, Enjoy & Indulge in Our Cancun Catamaran Charter Tour

Whether you are looking for an adventurous evening on the sea or a romantic one with your partner, Yachts Cancun Luxury Charters always fulfill your desires. Our tour guides offer your tailored itinerary for exclusive private excursions. While either sailing during the sunset or enjoying the waters  under the bright sunshine, the thrilling days await you with our charter tours.

Are you ready to enjoy the sea on a private catamaran? We have many options available for you to book your dream charter today!

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