5 Tips to Enjoy Fishing Tour in Riviera Maya

On the Mexican Caribbean Coast, the long strip of Riviera Mayan coast extends along 80 miles of white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. This tropical paradise is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and an amazing rainforest along with the rare wildlife and marine species. It is considered as the perfect place for a romantic hideaway, where simultaneously you can indulge in water sports activities or enjoy the coolest nightlife. Riviera Maya is the premiere destination of foreign tourists as well as locals, who come here for its embracing diverse environments and unique geographic conditions.

Fishing Riviera Maya

Not only is Riviera Maya famous for its mesmerizing landscape, but it is the perfect place for people who are amateurs in fishing as well as avid fishermen. The Riviera Maya has been a paradise for fishing enthusiasts for a number of years. So, before you visit Riviera Maya, check out these below mentioned five tips that will help you enjoy the tours and save you from a few inconveniences.

1) Prior to heading out for fishing the Riviera Maya waters, have a scrumptious breakfast – It is always recommended to have something before you set out for fishing, so as to minimize your chance of sea sickness and nausea, which is caused by the empty stomach. Moreover on a lighter note, no one wants to stop and eat while the fish are biting. In some cases you can have the fish you catch prepared fresh while on board your charter.

2) Use sunblock or wear full sleeves as well as a hat and sunglasses – The Caribbean sun can be quite deceiving, and combined with the reflection off the water and the cool breeze, one can get burned without even knowing it. To keep your skin protected against the sunburns and the harmful ultraviolet rays, use a sunscreen lotion which has SPF 50. Another option is that you can wear long sleeve shirts that offers protective covering to the skin. Although the fishing boat has a shaded area, it’s easy to get distracted by the excitement of reeling in the big one. So, be sure to wear a hat and sunglasses as they will protect your eyes and the back of the neck.

3) Stay hydrated – Its always said to continuously drink water even if you aren’t thirsty; Your Skin, Your Hair, Your Mind and Your Body will THANK YOU. After fishing the Riviera Maya waters, you might feel that the sun wasn’t very friendly with you. Moreover, Riviera Maya experiences a tropical climate due to which the body sweats a lot, thereby causing dehydration. In order to avoid going back to your hotel with the feeling of nausea, keep yourself always hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water and a few of the customized drinks served by your own private charter boat.

4) Click more and more photos to keep them as a memoir – As you sail through the crystal clear waters in the afternoon while on your own private charter boat in search of the perfect catch, make sure you get lots of pictures. Perhaps nothing stirs up good memories more the photos of your experience that you will undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime.

5) Last but not least, go fishing only at the hot spots – This is always a priority and should be the first thing to pop up in the minds of fishing enthusiasts. Charter a private fishing boat and a well seasoned guide to provide you with area and fishing knowledge. If you plan to fish on your own, remember that the live bait aren’t usually in the area where you’re looking for a big catch so either look for the hot spots or follow the seagulls!

These simple tips might prove beneficial while fishing Riviera Maya in your own private charter boat. Ensure that you listen and follow the instructions given by the perfectly trained and experienced guides. They always make sure that the guests go back to their home with memories of an adventurous fishing trip. After completing your fishing excursion, you can also try your hands at several water sports activities that the Riviera Maya is famous for such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Happy Fishing Trip!!



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