Riviera Maya and Cancun’s Best Flat Fishing Destinations

There is an exciting world of sport fishing in the Riviera Maya and Cancun, offering an adventure like no other. The Caribbean waters and the sandy flat spots of the Riviera and Cancun are quickly becoming a popular destination for flat fishing enthusiasts. Fisherman from all around the world come to these destinations all year long to experience the thrill of fishing on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Check out these flat fishing spots throughout the Yucatan coast and see which place interests you the most.

Fishing Riviera Maya


Part of the protected Sian Ka'an Biosphere, Ascension Bay is the Mayan Riviera's most popular flat fishing destination as it boasts rich shallow flats and mangrove islands. Referred as "Pesca Maya" since ancient times, Ascension Bay is fast becoming a famous fishing destination in the Riviera among avid anglers. The bay has rivers, lagoons, and classic sand flats, teeming with all types of marine species. Situated 100 miles to the south of Cancun and covering over 800 square miles, Ascension Bay is a virtual fish factory for bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Bonefish usually dots the leeward flats of the bay which contains warm clear waters while creek and river inlets in the back of the bay teem with snook, tarpon, and permit.


Located in the center of the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve at Ascension Bay, Punta Allen has emerged as a popular flats fishing destination. Anglers can fly-fishing here and it’s common to catch bonefish, tarpon and barracuda as well as tarpon and snook. Boca Paila is one of the best fisheries in the Caribbean. It has 40 grand slams each season, and over a dozen super grand slams. Bonefish, averaging 2-3 pounds, are the most abundant game fish found here. Starting from juvenile tarpon in the 5-15 pound range to larger migratory tarpon in the 40-60 pound range, you can frequently find these fish species in the Boca Paila region. Sometimes, jack crevalle and snapper also lurk in the background.


The Isla Blanca Lagoon is located 25 miles north of downtown Cancun area. It is one of the world's best flats fishing spots. With 12 square miles of mangrove flats, sandy flats, mud flats, inlets, shallow and open waters, this lagoon is perfect for fishing baby tarpon, permit, snook and bonefish, along with speckled trout, snapper, jack, barracuda, and small shark. Its amazingly diverse environment offers anglers and opportunity to catch a wide variety of fish( including bonefish, baby tarpon all in the same trip)


Three lagoons on the northern side of Cozumel are full of bonefish, baby Snook and other fish varieties such as jack, snapper, triggerfish, small shark, and barracudas. These lagoons have shallow sandy flats, open flats, mangroves flats, coves, and bays. As the lagoons are very shallow, much of the flats fishing in Cozumel is done while wading. You can also do spinning and light tackle in this area.

Ascension Bay, Boca Paila, Punta Allen, Cozumel and Cancun lagoons are some of the best flat fishing locations in the Mexican Caribbean as these regions combine brackish and freshwater estuaries with a shallow-water reef system. So, if you love flat fishing or want to try fly fishing, do visit these places on your next Cancun or Riviera Maya fishing charter trip.

Wishing you great fun on your next trip!!



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